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Girly Girl Tips

Learn to Embrace Your Inner Princess

Girly Girls Advice
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I've been tagged with the title "Girly Girl" since I was just a wee little princess. Yes, I was that girl ... the one that loved to play dress up and *hated* to get dirty. I love shopping, chick flicks, dressing up, and all things frilly. I've throw out more shoes than the average person will own in their lifetime.

So why did I start this community? You know those fun little Live Journal Questionnaires that we all do to waste time? Recently one asked, "If you could spend one day with me doing anything you'd like, what would it be?" Many of my female friends answered that they would like to spend a day with me getting tips on how to be more girly ... hence this community. This is a place for those who wish to embrace their inner Princess and learn how to be more girly.

This is also a good resource for those confirmed Girly Girls to pick up new tips, share things you've learned along the way and to help mentor those who confess to not understanding the ways of the Girly Girl.

At the moment the community is set up so that only selected members and myself have posting access. Everyone is able to reply to posts, but comments by non-members are screened by the moderators. If you have a topic you'd like to have addressed, a question you'd like me to try and answer, a product you'd like to praise, or a beauty tip you'd like to share, please email me at ca_amethyst@livejournal.com. Please, if you feel the need the critize or post how un-girly you are (and proud of it) take it elsewhere ... any such comments will be deleted at the discretion of the moderators.