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music princess

Raffle Tickets - Cocktails for the Cure

Posted by lady_foxchase on 2010.08.04 at 16:42
Are you unable to attend Cocktails for the Cure?
Would you still like the opportunity to win one of our wonderful raffle items?
Do you want to help our team reach its fundraising goal?

Raffle tickets are available now!!! 
There will be a couple of extra special items available only to those attending
Cocktails for the Cure
Tickets are sold in groups of 10 for $10.00
Email Divas@AudaciousDivas.com
Buy yours today and help us wipe out breast cancer!!


Fundraisers for the Audacious Divas Team in the
 Susan G. Komen
3-Day for the Cure
Details can be found at www.AudaciousDivas.com

Tastefully Simple Catalogue Party - 10% of the total sales will be donated!


Consultant is Colleen Coon. Search for party under Tammy Musselwhite or be sure to mention our name when ordering so we can get the credit! 


Pampered Chef Catalogue Party - Pampered Chef will donate 10% of the total sales, and our consultant is going to donate 20% of her commission!


Consultant is Linda Gateau.  Search for party under Tammy Musselwhite or be sure and mention our name when  ordering so we get the credit!

music princess

Shopping Sites

Posted by lady_foxchase on 2010.05.03 at 12:23
I think its time to get this Journal active again!
So I am going to start with a post pilfered from CA_Amethyst.

Below is a list of on line discount shopping sites for designer items. Who has others?


music princess

A fun website for hair styles

Posted by lady_foxchase on 2008.04.04 at 09:51
After the post yesterday about hair styling, I was emailed this web site.
Its a lot of fun, thought I would share.


Fighting Fashion Crimes

It all about the DETAILS

Posted by ca_amethyst on 2008.04.03 at 12:56

Sometimes you SHOULD sweat the small stuff. I don't think there is anything wrong with spending 5 minutes standing in front of a mirror to make sure you are put together at all angles. I'm sure all of the Girly Girls here will be able to chime in with examples of not paying attention to detail that ruins a look. Below are a couple of my personal pet peeves:

REMOVE THE STITCHING. When you purchase a suit jacket, often the vent is back is stitched together. You are SUPPOSED to remove that stitch. The same with pleated skirts. The other day on the Metro I witnessed someone that had all their pleats still stitched together. It gave the skirt a bubble effect and looked awful. 

PANTY LINES ARE NOT ATTRACTIVE. You are trying to achieve a smooth silhouette ... bunched up panty lines can completely destroy a good outfit. Invest in panty hose or a girdle, PLEASE. Same goes for bras that do not fit properly. Bad bra lines are almost as ugly as panty lines.

CHECK FOR TAGS. Please look in the mirror before you go out in public to make sure you don't have your shirt on inside out. Make sure you've removed the price tags as well.

LOOK CLOSELY. Are both of your shoes black ... or is one really navy? I live by the rule that when you find something you really like, buy it in every color. I've got several styles of shoes in multiple colors, so it would be easy to walk out the door in the morning with different colors on each foot IF I DIDN'T BOTHER TO LOOK.

KEEP YOUR STUFF IN GOOD SHAPE. Have your shoes shined. Replace taps that have fallen off high heals. Have tears in clothing mended. Don't wear hose with runners. IRON.

Anyone have anything to add?

music princess

Fixing a bad hair day

Posted by lady_foxchase on 2008.04.03 at 12:55
The following question was sent in to the community:

"I have fairly fine hair that most of the time is straight. However, if I let my hair dry naturally it has a bit of curl that (I think) looks pretty cute on me. Unfortunately, my hair also looks too messy for public unless it's brushed. When I brush or comb my hair (even with one of those wide bristled brushes with the little plastic balls on the end of each bristle) all curl disappears and it's back to straight hair.
Other than getting an actual perm, which I've done before but gives me more curl than I really want, is there any way to keep the curl without the mess?"

I too have very fine hair, and I spend each morning getting it to style neatly for the day.

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Girly Girl Animation

Email Question

Posted by ca_amethyst on 2008.03.25 at 10:37

I have a question for you girls on the girl tip blog. I'm going to a conference in July in D.C. Of course it's going to be hot, humid and messy. What should I wear??? I spent my week in pants suits and dress pants this time (which was fine considering it's March), but what is appropriate to wear in July?

We were told that sandals and skirts are acceptable (and I'm assuming decent dresses). I'm 5'1 and have very little shape so I swim in things that aren't fitting! HELP!

Dressing for the HOT & HUMID days of summer ....Collapse )

music princess

Showing off those toes

Posted by lady_foxchase on 2008.03.24 at 10:08
Hello Again Ladies!

As the weather starts to heat up, and all of us anxious to bring out our spring and summer wardrobe, including those cute sandals, I would like to once again remind everyone to not forget those feet! Nothing can ruin the look of a cute pair of summer shoes then unattended toes and heels.

While professional pedicures are a wonderful indulgence, an at home pedicure is just as effective and can be just as pleasant.
Here is a link to a previous Girly Girl post on just this subject.


Girly Girl Animation

Question from one of our Girly Girls

Posted by ca_amethyst on 2008.01.09 at 20:23

I've had pierced ears since I was 16, and the holes are starting to stretch a bit. One of my favorite pairs of earrings has a post back and then a dangly aquamarine -- but they look awful on me now. I've taken to putting the backs on really tightly, which only helps so much, or just not wearing them altogether.

Got a product/procedure recommendation for me? :)

music princess

I see your underwear

Posted by lady_foxchase on 2008.01.09 at 09:35
This past New Year’s Eve, Amethyst and I attend a "black tie optional" affair in DC.
Now, I am not going to use today’s post to rant about some folks definition of black tie or even optional, that is another post all on it’s own.
No, today I want to discuss appropriate undergarments. The foundation pieces of every outfit one wears.

At the party there were some very lovely dresses, and sadly most of them were completely ruined by the incorrect undergarments. Panty lines, muffin tops caused by incorrect girdle or panty hose sizes, panty hose waist bands, bra straps falling out, and the worst of the lot, no panty hose or girdles thus displaying ever dimple and bump under the dresses. Nothing ruins a look faster or worse than these. And it’s not just evening clothes. The proper undergarments can make or break any outfit in your closet. Every outfit we wear starts with the foundation pieces we put on first.

So, with all of that being said, I would like to share some products and web sites. Please add to the list if you have a great discovery that needs to be shared with all of us girly girls!

http://www.spanx.com/ - these are amazing! Comfortable to wear, and really effective in creating smooth sleek lines under any kind of clothing, whether it’s evening wear or daily work attire.

www.bravissimo.com/ - for the larger busted among us. It is amazing to me how many women in the US have no idea of their true bra size. A truly good fitting bra can completely change how your clothes look on you. And of course, the correct bra for the garment you are wearing.

http://www.hollywoodfashiontape.com/ - for keeping everything where it should be, and more.

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